Optimal body analysis

and weight measurement

Much more than just weighing yourself

Not just for athletes and fitness fanatics - body analysis scales can provide valuable information for those who just want to lose weight. If you're doing plenty of exercise while trying to lose weight yet are still not reducing your weight, a physical analysis may reveal you that you're losing body fat but are gaining muscle fibre at the same time.

The display can be removed when weighing yourself and for easy handling of analytical functions. All data can be saved, analysed and compared with, for example, blood pressure values using the Veroval® medi.connect software.

Intelligent personal weight scale for optimal weight and body analysis:

  • Detachable display with remote connection and hinged stand
  • Measures and analyses:
    • weight
    • BMI
    • body fat percentage
    • muscle percentage
    • bone mass
    • water percentage
  • Automatically determines your calorie needs and ideal weight
  • User memory for 4 people
  • Data can be shared between all Veroval® devices, such the blood pressure monitors and activity tracker
  • Data can be easily saved using the Veroval® medi.connect software
Veroval Scale Packaging

The measurement principle

This weighing scale operates using the principle of bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). Your body composition is determined within seconds using this technique. By measuring the electrical resistance (impedance) and allowing for constants and individual values (age, height, gender, level of activity), the body fat percentage and other physical parameters can be determined. Muscle tissue and water have high conductivity and therefore low resistance. Bone and fat, on the other hand, have low conductivity because the fat cells and bone tissue barely conduct any electricity because of their high resistance. Please note that the values measured on the scale are only an indication of actual medical analytical values for your body. Only a medical specialist can determine the precise percentage of body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone mass using medical methodologies (e.g. computed tomography).

Veroval® medi.connect

Login to manage your health: Easily store and analyse the data of your devices. You can compare different analytical periods (day, week, month) to automatically generate perfectly prepared images of your values. All the results can be printed out for your doctor or sent by email.

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