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Product features
  • High measuring accuracy thanks to infrared sensor technology
  • Integrated LED positioning aid enables guided handling of the thermometer during the scanning process: the blue position light indicates the measurement duration and turns off at the end of the measurement
  • Visual fever alert: at a forehead temperature of 37.6 °C the display lights up in red (in all other cases it lights up in blue)
  • Non-contact temperature measurement of the body and objects, as well as the ambient temperature
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Soundless measurement: your baby will not be disturbed during sleep
  • Illuminated display
  • Storage of the last 10 readings
  • Includes a storage box
This is how the Veroval® baby thermometer works
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Fast, contact free and gentle thanks to infrared technology

Check your baby’s temperature while it is asleep – without bothering or even waking him or her.

Three different uses

On the forehead

The thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted by the skin in the forehead and temple area and the surrounding tissue. The radiation is picked up by the sensor and converted into temperature values.

On object surface

For measuring the surface temperature of an object, point the thermometer at the middle of the object at a distance of 3–5 cm and press the scan button. The scanning process lasts 3 seconds, then the result is shown.

In the room

If you want to measure the ambient or room temperature, hold the device in the room and press the scan button. The air temperature is determined, and after 3 seconds you get your result.

For more information, download the instructions for use here


How does the measurement work?

The thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted by the skin on the forehead and the temple area and by the surrounding tissue. The radiation is picked up by the sensor and converted into temperature values. The highest measurement recorded is displayed on the device.

Similarly, if the temperature measurement is carried out as a surface measurement of an object or as a room temperature measurement, the sensor detects the radiation emitted from the surface of the object respectively of the ambient air in the room.

What are the advantages of contact free measurement?

Contact free infrared thermometers use a modern measuring sensor technology to provide a body temperature value of high measurement accuracy. It is the most advanced and safest method of measuring the body temperature currently on the market. It is convenient as well as easy to use.

A non-contact forehead thermometer allows measurement of the temperature of babies, children and adults to be taken without skin contact in only 3 seconds. The thermometer is simply moved across the forehead over the temporal artery: a positioning light integrated into the head of the sensor enables guided handling of the thermometer during the scanning process. This eliminates the need to physically insert a probe into a body cavity such as the ear canal or rectum, which is not always well received by very sick children and babies. When a non-contact thermometer is used, you can take your child‘s temperature even while he or she is sleeping, absolutely silently and without bothering or even waking him or her.

Contact-free body temperature measurement is safe and hygienic because the temperature is measured without skin contact. The risk of contact transmission of bacteria or viruses is minimized. Therefore Veroval® baby is ideal for use on babies and children.

Veroval® baby additionally allows the measurement of the surface of an object or the room temperature in a further measuring mode. It can therefore be used in multiple ways.

How many measurements does the Veroval® baby Infrared Thermometer save?
The device automatically stores the last 10 measurements taken from the forehead or an object. When all 10 memory positions are occupied, the oldest temperature reading is then overwritten. Saved temperatures can be retrieved as described in the instructions for use.