Blood presure wrist band

Precise, gentle, easy: the latest generation of blood pressure monitors

It all comes down to the precision.

If you want to monitor your blood pressure, you need a device with the best possible accuracy and which is easy to use. Thanks to their intelligent specifications, Veroval® blood pressure monitors prevent measurement errors, for example,by helping you check correct cuff position – which is essential for a correct result.

Gentle measurement is also provided by Comfort Air Technology. It determines expected blood pressure already when the cuff is being inflated and therefore only inflates as much as is individually needed. Another great feature: all your measured values can be saved, processed and shared with other Veroval® devices, such as the scales or the activity tracker using the Veroval® medi.connect software.

Veroval® Premium blood pressure monitor

For those who want to measure accurately and gently, then a Veroval® Premium blood pressure monitor is the right choice. All monitors are clinically tested, simple to operate and offer high measurement accuracy for patients who measure regularly.

Veroval® Compact blood pressure monitor

The medically validated Veroval® Compact blood pressure monitors measure simply and quickly and offer a practical alternative to the premium devices for those who measure from time to time.

1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)