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Product features
  • Fully automatic measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate on upper arm
  • Automatic triple measurement for even more accurate measured values
  • Detects atrial fibrillation and reduces the risk of strokes with an integrated AFib indicator
  • Detects and displays cardiac arrhythmias for detection of irregular heartbeat
  • Cuff position control and resting indicator for visual feedback of correct usage
  • Intuitive handling and large, easy-to-read display for high operating comfort
  • Instant data analysis for anytime and anywhere
  • Analysis of measured values using a traffic light system for easier analysis of the measurement results
  • Averages of all stored measured values
  • Averages of morning and evening blood pressure values from past 7 days
  • Simple Bluetooth® connectivity for easy data transfer to the Veroval® medi.connect app
  • Recommended for home use and clinical use
  • Developed in Germany
  • Saves 200 readings (100 readings per user, max. 2 users)
  • Incl. storage bag and 4 x 1,5V AA batteries (power supply unit optionally available)
Comfort Air Technology 
The Veroval® compact + upper arm blood pressure monitor with Comfort Air Technology allows more comfortable upper arm measurements. Unlike many automatic blood pressure monitors with pre-programmed cuff inflation pressure, the Comfort Air Technology individually determines an approximate systolic blood pressure of the patient during each measurement and adds 40 mmHg for the optimal individual cuff pressure. This allows for more comfortable upper arm measurements as the device always uses just as much pressure as is really needed to ensure accurate and pleasant blood pressure measurements.
Quality seal of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH)
High level of precision verified: Veroval® compact + upper arm blood pressure monitor with its high accuracy in blood pressure measurement has been clinically validated according to the protocol of the European Society of Hypertension.
Quality seal of the German Hypertension League – Deutsche Hochdruckliga (DHL) 
The Veroval® compact + upper arm blood pressure monitor has met all specifications required for the quality seal of the German Hypertension League.

For more information, download the instructions for use here

Manage your results

With the free Veroval®medi.connect app, you can easily transfer your blood pressure readings from the device and print, for example, your electronic blood pressure diary to show it to your doctor.