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Infrared thermometers – why they are the product of choice for the whole family

Buying a thermometer for the whole family is often a long-term purchase. So, it makes sense to look for a model that not only gives accurate readings but is also quick and convenient to use.

Mercury-in-glass thermometers

In the past, mercury-in-glass thermometers were used to measure the temperature, but this is no longer done today –these thermometers are actually banned in the EU. The reason: if the thermometer breaks, toxic mercury can escape. Battery-free in-glass thermometers with a harmless substance are still available, but they are rather awkward to use, and the measuring process takes at least 5 minutes. Nowadays, people generally use either digital thermometers or infrared thermometers.

Digital thermometers

Digital thermometers are pen-type thermometers like the in-glass thermometers. However, they measure faster: the measurement usually takes just under a minute. It is also easier to read the temperature value because of the digital display. There are three body sites you can measure: under the armpit, in the mouth or rectally. The rectal measurement provides the most accurate values, but many people find it uncomfortable and unhygienic. Especially babies and small children dislike rectal measurement – not only because of the measurement site, but also because they have to be undressed and dressed again for the procedure. Another aspect is that they have to be woken up if they are asleep. When measuring in the mouth, you have to follow some rules, and when measuring under the armpits, you should add 0.5° C to the displayed value to get a more realistic value.

Clinical infrared thermometers

Clinical infrared thermometers measure the infrared radiation emitted by the forehead or eardrum. This is recorded via a sensor and, after conversion into a temperature value, displayed as body temperature. The measurement with an infrared thermometer is very fast, taking only a few seconds. The short measuring time with an infrared thermometer is the greatest advantage, but its reliability and simple usage should also not go unmentioned. When performing a forehead measurement, the thermometer is simply moved across the forehead over the temporal artery. The measuring sensor detects the infrared radiation emitted, performs a scan for three seconds, and displays the highest measurement recorded. With non-contact infrared thermometers, like Veroval® baby for instance, skin contact is not necessary, hence it is hygienic because the risk of contact transmission of bacteria or viruses is minimized. For ear measurement, devices such as the Veroval® DS22 – 2 in 1 Infrared Thermometer are appropriate. They offer single-use protective covers that can be changed with every reading.

Veroval® PC22 – single-use Protective Covers

Especially in such cases when fever develops really quickly, an infrared thermometer is preferable to a digital pen-type thermometer. The fastest fever reaction is obtained in the ear. The eardrum is easy to access and is supplied with blood from the same vessels as the hypothalamus, the temperature control centre of the body. The ear measurement method is suitable for monitoring the fever progress.

Because of their advantages, infrared thermometers are very popular in hospitals and doctors' surgeries. Accordingly, it also makes sense to use one at home, as the very short measuring time with high measuring accuracy, easy handling and hygienic benefits are convincing arguments. Infrared thermometers are in particular the product of choice when you have small children or a baby at home for whom taking a temperature is usually no fun. When your little one is ill, you have to take the temperature several times a day. The rectal measurement would be difficult to bear for a baby that is unwell, and also means a lot of stress for the parents. The child would have to be placed on the changing table undressed and placed on its belly each time. In addition, you would have to calm your sick child, who would certainly not be enthusiastic about the procedure. All the better if the measurement happens quickly, silently, or – as with non-contact infrared thermometers – your child doesn’t even feel that the important readings take place and can continue sleeping without disturbance.

An infrared thermometer is also a good choice for teenagers. Anyone who has teens at home knows that they don't really like to be told what to do by their parents. Asking them to take the temperature when they are sick certainly doesn't go down well – especially, of course, with a rectal measurement. Therefore, the quick and uncomplicated infrared measurement probably is a good and acceptable method for teenagers, too.

So, you can opt for the completely contactless version like the Veroval® baby infrared thermometer or, if you prefer, a thermometer that offers forehead and ear measurements like the Veroval® DS22 – 2 in 1 Infrared Thermometer. You will see: not only the little ones, but also the older family members will certainly appreciate the advantages of an infrared thermometer.

Veroval® baby infrared thermometer

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