More than hygiene: How protective covers support smooth, safe and hygienic temperature taking in the ear

Share your family thermometer, but not your germs

With the Veroval® DS22 – 2 in 1 infrared thermometer you can take your temperature as you like: In the ear or on the forehead. When ear measurement is chosen, the mode switch on the side is set to ear temperature measurement and the forehead attachment must be removed by simply pulling it off.

Protective covers for every ear measurement

Now there is something important to do: In the package of your Veroval® 2 in 1 infrared thermometer there are 10 single-use protective covers. These covers should be used for every ear measurement. The reason: without the single-use protective covers, earwax may accumulate on the measuring sensor which might lead to inaccurate temperature measurement. Another important reason is the hygienic aspect: Without the covers, an infection might be transferred between different family members.

This is why the measuring tip must always be clean to help to prevent cross-contamination when taking temperature, and also earwax shouldn’t be on the measurement site. The best way to ensure these two points is to use a new Veroval® single-use protective covers for each ear measurement.

Veroval® PC22 – single-use Protective Covers

Tips for accurate measuring results

Now this is how you get the most accurate results: Since the ear canal is slightly curved, you need to gently pull the ear backwards before inserting the sensor tip so that the tip can be pointed directly at the eardrum. The thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted from the middle ear and the auditory canal. This infrared radiation is captured by the sensor and converted to temperature values. Best values are obtained if infrared radiation from the middle ear (the eardrum) is captured. Radiation that is emitted by the surrounding tissue gives off lower values.

Replace the single-use protective covers after each use when taking ear temperature measurements to ensure a precise and hygienic measurement. By applying a new protective cover each time, you make sure that dirt or earwax does not accumulate and block the measuring sensor, which could lead to inaccurate temperature readings. The ear thermometer may only be used with protective covers by HARTMANN as other covers may cause measuring errors.

Once the single-use protective covers originally supplied with the device have been used up, please contact your specialist dealer or pharmacy to purchase replacement products. Also, good to know: to help to protect you and your family not only from cross-contamination but also from infections by transmission of bacteria or viruses, the protective covers are DEHP and Latex Free.

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