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Product features
  • Fully automatic measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate on upper arm
  • Large display so that measured values can be read easily
  • Detects and displays cardiac arrhythmias
  • Analysis of measured values using a traffic-light system
  • Comfortable universal size cuff with ergonomic fit
  • With integrated cuff fit check
  • Developed in Germany
  • USB cable included
  • Includes storage bag and 4 x 1.5 V AA batteries
Comfort Air Technology
The Veroval® Premium upper arm blood pressure monitor with Comfort Air Technology ensures comfortable measurement. Unlike many automatic blood pressure monitors with pre-programmed cuff inflation pressure, after the first measurement, the Comfort Air Technology individually determines an approximate systolic blood pressure of the patient. With an inflation of 190 mmHg for the first measurement, the pressure is adjusted continuously and individually based on previously measured blood pressure values. This allows for more comfortable upper arm measurements as the device always uses just as much pressure as is really needed to ensure accurate and pleasant blood pressure measurements.
Quality seal of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH)

High level of precision verified: The Veroval® Premium upper arm blood pressure monitor with its high accuracy in blood pressure measurement has been clinically validated according to the protocol of the European Society of Hypertension.

Quality seal of the German Hypertension League – Deutsche Hochdruckliga (DHL)
The Veroval® Premium upper arm blood pressure monitor has met all specifications required for the quality seal of the German Hypertension League.

For more information, download the instructions for use here

Manage your results

With the free Veroval® medi.connect software, you can easily transfer your blood pressure readings from the device and print, for example, your electronic blood pressure diary to show it to your doctor.


How can measurement errors be avoided?
Please read the instruction leaflet carefully before using your Veroval® product for the first time, since correct blood pressure measurement requires correct operation of the device. These instructions will guide you through the individual steps for measuring your own blood pressure. You will be given important and useful hints to ensure that you obtain reliable results for your personal blood pressure profile.

Many factors play a role in blood pressure measurement. The ten general rules help you to measure correctly.
How many measurements does the Veroval® Premium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor store?

The Veroval® Premium upper arm blood pressure monitor stores up to 100 measurements for each user memory (a total of 2 users possible), as well as the average value of all measurements and the evening (PM) & morning (AM) average of the last 7 days. The most recent measured value is displayed first, and the oldest last. Once all memory slots are occupied, the oldest value is deleted. The blood pressure values are always stored together with the date and time.

How are cardiac arrhythmias displayed?

Veroval® blood pressure monitors indicate possible irregular heartbeats with the following symbol: