DUO SENSOR Technology*

Duo Sensor Technology

The innovative Duo Sensor Technology combines two professional measuring technologies: the Oscillometric technology and the Korotkoff technology. Whilst most automatic blood pressure measurement devices only use Oscillometric technology, Duo Sensor Technology also utilises Korotkoff’s highly accurate method of blood pressure measurement, which is also used by doctors to measure blood pressure. It is less error prone, providing correct measured values even in patients with heart rhythm disorders.

*DUO SENSOR Technology is only available for Veroval® Duo Control.

Clinical Validations*

Blood Pressure monitors from HARTMANN are Clinically Validated by different societies recognized globally. Each Veroval Blood Pressure Monitor has been validated for accuracy as per the requirements and methodology of DIN EN 1060-4 standards and DIN EN ISO 81060-2 standard.

Tolerated deviation of ±3 mmHg
Pulse ±5%

Validated by:

  • European Society of Hypertension (ESH)
  • Hochdruckliga (DHL) – German Hypertension Society
  • British Hypertension Society (BHS)

*Please check the packaging of your Veroval Blood Pressure Monitor device in order to see the Clinical Validations given per product.

Traffic Light Indicator*

To better evaluate the results, there is a traffic-light-colour system on the left side of the Veroval® Blood Pressure Monitors* directly describes the results to enable easier categorisation of the measured value. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) have developed the following summary for classifying blood pressure values:

* The Veroval 2 in 1 ECG and Blood Pressure Monitor has a Traffic-Light-Indicator on the upper right of the digital display.

Cuff fit and Movement / Visual Position* control

Cuff fit control rev.1-01

Cuff fit

If the cuff has been applied firmly enough on the arm, the cuff symbol appears on the display. If the cuff symbol does not appear on the display, the cuff is not applied tightly enough and the error message ‘Err--2’ may also appear on the display after a few seconds.

Comfort Air Technology v2-01-01

Comfort Air Technology

Comfort Air Technology enables approximate determination of the systolic blood pressure value during inflation which is then used to determine the necessary inflation pressure for blood pressure measurement. This allows for more comfortable upper arm measurements.
Patented cuff v2-01

Patent Ergonomic cuff

Provides secure fit and convenience through the pull-up system.

Position control v2-01

Movement/Visual Position* control

The symbol only appears on the display if the Veroval duo control device does not detect any notable body movement during the measurement, e.g., movement of the hand, arm or upper body. If the rest indicator symbol does not appear, the measurements may have been affected by body movement.

*Visual Position control is only available for Veroval® Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

OK symbol

The full display of ‘Measurement OK’ symbol only appears on the display if the cuff is applied firmly enough and no notable body movement was detected by the device during the measurement.