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For optimal weight and body analysis

Veroval® Scale

Much more than just weighing yourself

It’s not just for athletes and fitness fanatics! The body analysis scales can provide valuable information for those who just want to control or lose weight. Veroval® scale physical analysis may reveal you that you're losing body fat but are gaining muscle fibre at the same time. This smart scale automatically calculates calorie requirements, ideal weight and the important analytical functions of BMI, Bone Mass, Body Muscle, Body Fat and Water percentages.

The display can be removed when weighing yourself for easy reading of the analytical functions. It can store the values for 4 members of the family. All data can be saved, analysed and compared with, for example, blood pressure values using theVeroval® medi.connectsoftware.

Discover Veroval® Scale

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Product Features
  • 5 levels of activity to choose from
  • Convert from kg/lb/st
  • Overload indicator
  • Safety glass platform
  • At least 1,000 measurements, batteries included
  • Detachable display with wireless connection and foldable support
  • Memory storage for 4 users
  • USB cable included for data transfer on Veroval® mediconnect
  • 3 years warranty
  • Developed in Germany

Intelligent scale function

Once you enter and save in the memory your user data of age, gender, height, and level of activity, the Veroval® scale is proposing the Ideal Weight as soon as you step on it!

To activate the body analysis function, you will need to weigh yourself with bare feet in contact with the electrodes’ surfaces ensuring that you stand still with your weight evenly distributed over both legs

Within 5 seconds, the Weight will be displayed, and the body parameters will appear below the weight by moving across one after the other for your Body Fat %, your Body Water, Muscle %,Bone Mass in kg and Active Metabolic Rate in kcal at intervals of 5 seconds.

You can always measure simply only your weight, without selecting a user if you just step on it!

Correct weighing

How to weigh yourself?

For comparable results, best to weigh yourself:

  • At the same time of day (in the morning is best)
  • Before eating
  • After emptying the bladder
  • Without cloth
  • Barefoot
  • Wait about 15 minutes after getting out of bed so the water in your body is evenly distributed.
  • In case of unusual physical exertion, wait few hours While weighing, stand upright and still.
  • For the completely dry or severely calloused feet you may slightly damp the soles of your feet to allow reading conductivity.

When determining the body fat and other values some limitations may happen in the cases of children younger than 10 years old, athletes and body builders, pregnant women, people with fever, undergoing dialysis, under medication like cardiovascular medicine or with considerable deviations in the legs compared to the total body height. People with active medical implants (e.g. a pacemaker) or other electrically conducting implants (e.g. artificial hip joints) should not use a weighing scale with conductivity.

Health Awareness

Learn more about your body control

Take control of your body

There are various risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. Alongside high blood pressure and lack of exercise, excess weight and an unhealthy, fat- and cholesterol-rich diet are regarded as the main risk factors for cardiovascular disorders.
What makes the Veroval® smart scale attractive?

With the Veroval® smart scale, body parameters such as weight, BMI, bone mass, body fat, muscle and water can be determined and analysed. The intelligent scales also automatically calculate calorie requirement and ideal weight. The clear to understand display is detachable and connected wirelessly to the scales, so that the displayed values are easy to read. With the Veroval® medi.connect software all values can be stored, graphically processed, shared and combined with other Veroval® devices.

Why should the Veroval® scale be recommended to people with high blood pressure?

An unbalanced diet with a lot of fat food is one of the main risk factors that can influence hypertension. It is also proven that a healthy diet can contribute to the normalisation of blood pressure.

With the help of Veroval® weighing and smart scale, a body analysis can be included in the long-term documentation and linked with other vital values. Measurable success also motivates and encourages your compliance to a healthy lifestyle!

What advantages does Veroval® medi.connect have to offer?
The measured data can be conveniently stored. In addition, the values can be analysed and shared by e-mail or PDF-printout with the doctor. A further advantage is that the values can be crosslinked to the data of other Veroval® devices for example the blood pressure monitor, thus enabling a comprehensive health analysis that can assist your doctor in his or her therapy recommendation.
Caring for your Veroval® Scale

Clean and Disinfect

Only use a damp cloth to clean the scale. If required, you can spray a little cleaner on the cloth. Do not use any aggressive cleaners and never immerse the scale in water.

Do not clean the scale in the dishwasher!

The electrodes must not be cleaned with alcohol or disinfectant.