Veroval® Compact Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

For simple and precise measurement

The easy-to-use Veroval® Compact upper arm blood pressure monitor is an excellent choice for those who wants to monitor their blood pressure with simplicity and precision at the same time.

The device has a large, easy-to-read display of the measured values and allows an analysis of the results by a traffic light system as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) classification of blood pressure values.

This fully automatic and accurate blood pressure monitor offers smart features to prevent measurement errors whilst ensuring a gentle measurement.

In addition to fulfilling the legal requirements of the European Norm standards, Veroval® Compact has been clinically validated in accordance with the protocols of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the Deutsche Hochdruckliga (The German Association for High Blood Pressure – DHL) for high accuracy.

Discover Veroval® Compact Upper Arm

Product features
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • Clinically validated in accordance with EN 1060 and EN 81060
  • Also validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the German Association for High Blood Pressure (DHL)
  • One size cuff for all with cuff fit indicator and comfort air technology
  • Fully automatic and easy to use for the upper arm
  • Large display and easy-to-read
  • Traffic-light system for your readings
  • Averages of all stored measured values, morning and evening blood pressure values from past 7 days
  • Memory for 200 readings (100 readings per user, max. 2 users), with batteries included
  • 3 years warranty
  • Developed in Germany
Irregular Heartbeat Detection

For accurate blood pressure results, it is important to measure the blood pressure outside any episode of heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias). Heart rhythm disorders may sometimes produce false measurements or lower the measurement accuracy. If ‘Irregular Heartbeat Detection’ symbol* is shown in the display, the device has detected an irregular heartbeat during the measurement. However, the measurement may also have been disrupted by body movement or speaking. It is best to repeat the measurement. If you regularly see the ‘Irregular Heartbeat Detection ’symbol when measuring your blood pressure, we recommend that your doctor checks your heart rhythm.

*The ‘ Irregular Heartbeat Detection ’ symbol is available for Veroval® Duo Control, Upper Arm, Compact and Wrist blood pressure monitors

Traffic light indicator

To better evaluate the results, there is a colour traffic light system on the left side of the Veroval® Blood Pressure Monitors* that directly describes the results. This system enables easier categorisation of the measured value of Veroval® as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) for classifying blood pressure values:

*Veroval 2 in 1 ECG and Blood Pressure Monitor device’s Traffic Light System indicator is on the upper right of the digital display

Clinical Validations
High level of precision verified: In addition to fulfilling the legal requirements of the DIN EN 1060 and DIN EN ISO 81060 standards, Veroval® compact upper arm blood pressure monitor with its high accuracy in blood pressure measurement has been clinically validated in accordance with the protocols of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the Deutsche Hochdruckliga (The German Association for High Blood Pressure – DHL)
Clinical Validations-Upper Arm-01
Cuff Fit control

For accurate results, you must respect the ‘golden rules’ when measuring your blood pressure. The display of ‘Cuff Fit’ symbol facilitates correct measurements. The cuff should fit securely but not too tightly. You should be able to insert two fingers between the arm and the cuff. When the cuff has been applied firmly enough on the arm, the ‘Cuff Fit’ symbol appears on the display, if not, the error message ‘Error’ may appear which indicates that the cuff is not applied tightly enough. Make sure that you see the ‘Cuff Fit’ symbol on the display after each measurement.

*The ‘Cuff Fit’ control is available for Veroval® Upper Arm and Veroval® Compact blood pressure monitors

Comfort Air Technology

Comfort Air Technology allows more comfortable and gentle upper arm measurements.

Unlike other blood pressure monitors with extreme cuff inflation pressure, the smart Comfort Air Technology enables the systolic blood pressure value to be approximated during each individual inflation as the device always uses just as much pressure as is really needed!

This allows for more comfortable and gentle upper arm measurements to ensure accurate and pleasant blood pressure measurements.


Health Awareness

Learn more about your heart health

Treating Hypertension

The aim of any type of hypertension therapy is to reduce the risk of secondary diseases. The treatment should take place regardless of noticeable complaints because the high blood pressure initially exhibits no symptoms.
How are cardiac arrhythmias displayed?
Veroval® blood pressure monitors indicate possible irregular heartbeats with the following symbol:


How can measurement errors be avoided?

Please read the instruction leaflet carefully before using your Veroval® product for the first time, since correct blood pressure measurement requires correct operation of the device. These instructions will guide you through the individual steps for measuring your own blood pressure. You will be given important and useful hints to ensure that you obtain reliable results for your personal blood pressure profile.

Many factors play a role in blood pressure measurement. These ten general rules help you to measure correctly.

What can I do to prevent external factors from affecting my blood pressure while it is being measured?
  1. Avoid nicotine and alcohol for an hour before measuring your blood pressure.
  2. Do not drink any coffee immediately before measuring it.
  3. Ensure your bladder is empty. A full bladder increases blood pressure by about 10 mmHg.
  4. Do not measure if you are under stress, in pain or afraid. These factors affect blood pressure.
  5. Ensure when measuring that the cuff is put on in the right place. If you wish to measure your blood pressure with the upper arm device, the edge of the cuff must be 2.5 cm above the bend of the elbow. If using a wrist device, the correct site of measurement is 1 cm above the wrist.
  6. When positioning the wrist or upper arm, ensure that the site of measurement is at heart level; if the position deviates by about 1.5 cm, the blood pressure changes by + 1 mmHg.
  7. Relax your arm muscles during measurement. Tensing the muscles increases the blood pressure by about 10 mmHg.
  8. Do not talk during the measurement. Conversation during measurement can increase the blood pressure by about 6-7 mmHg.
  9. The upper arm must not be constricted by clothing when measuring with an upper arm device. The best thing is to remove all clothing from the upper arm.
  10. Check before measuring that you have applied the upper arm cuff correctly. If you can push two fingers under the edge of the cuff, you can start measuring. A cuff that is too loose or too tight gives readings that are too high or too low respectively.
  11. Have a rest for one minute before you repeat the measurement.
  12. Remember that blood pressure levels are subject to a characteristic diurnal rhythm, and can change according to the time of day and the daily demands at that moment. To obtain comparable readings, the best thing is always to select the same time for taking the reading.