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Take control of your body

There are various risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. Alongside high blood pressure and lack of exercise, excess weight and an unhealthy, fat- and cholesterol-rich diet are regarded as the main risk factors for cardiovascular disorders. Regularly checking your personal vital signs can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and help prevent late effects and secondary diseases.

Veroval® scale is for everyone who wants to check more than just their weight! It allows an optimal body weight and analysis for home use by up to four people. The scale can measure and analyse body weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage and bone mass as vital parameters, while at the same time automatically determining your individual calorie requirements and ideal weight.

Since the cardiological diseases are often a consequence of the interplay of various risk factors, the Veroval® range also includes a fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor for gentle and accurate blood pressure measurement, a fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor for rapid, safe and reliable blood pressure measurement, and a mobile ECG and blood pressure monitor for stroke prophylaxis that can be linked with each other via special software.

Veroval® medi.connect software enables you to store your vital data readings centrally, compare them with each other in clear graphic and share them with your doctor.

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