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Treating Hypertension

Start to take control again – it’s worth it!

The aim of any type of hypertension therapy is to reduce the risk of secondary diseases. The treatment should take place regardless of noticeable complaints because the high blood pressure initially exhibits no symptoms.

For successful treatment of hypertension, the three M elements are crucial:

  1. Monitoring the Blood pressure | Weight
  2. Motivation for Nutrition | Relaxation | Movement
  3. Medication as prescribed by your doctor

Take control!

Even if you feel no discomfort, untreated high blood pressure leads in the end to more or less harmful damage to your body. By the time you notice it, this damage is usually irreversible. When you take control of the hypertension in-time, you can take control of the associated risk in-time as well!

With this booklet, you will get to know different ways to improve your lifestyle by a step-by-step blood pressure management at home and easy to implement tips.

Veroval® Duo Control Blood Pressure Monitor

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Measures correctly even with heart rhythm disorders.

The Veroval® duo control blood pressure monitor is the best choice for those who are suffering from high blood pressure together with arrhythmias.

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