Become your own health manager with the Veroval® medi.connect mobile app

Veroval® medi.connect app:
The added plus at your service

A one-stop tool that lets you become your own health manager. Get precise readings of your blood pressure and transfer the data to your smartphone or tablet for comprehensive graphs of your values. Assess your readings, compare data and quickly print the information or send it to your doctor via e-mail.

Veroval® medi.connect app features

  • Data storage and analysis for long-term evaluation
  • Report for sharing with your doctor
  • Continuous rollout for up-to-date functions and features
  • Adding medications for extra convenience
  • Quick and easy data transfer via Bluetooth® for sending reliable results from the blood pressure monitor to the Veroval® medi.connect app
  • Add reminders for measurements and medications
  • Available for Android & iOS devices including tablets