Keep Track of your values using Veroval®MediConnect

One software-for all data and devices

Medi.connect software- for data transmission and local administration

  • Free download
  • Transfer data quickly and easy using the supplied USB cable
  • Check values from different periods (day, week, month) and see your graphs to correctly assess your readings
  • Print / e-mail your results - e.g. before a visit to the doctor

Medi.connect web app- giving you the possibility to manage your data online

  1. Select theMedi.Connect login
  2. Register
  3. Enter your values manually
  4. Synchronize with PC

Veroval® medi.connect: a click away to being your own health manager.

The exact recording of vital values, e.g. blood pressure or weight, is very simple with the Veroval® measuring devices.

But how can these values be easily stored, analysed, compared, or shared with the doctor?

Medi connect screen

The medi.connect software – for data transmission and local administration

Thanks to its wide range of functions, the free Veroval® medi.connect software for downloading on to your computer, provides you with a solution to every question.

You can transfer your data quickly and easily to your PC using the supplied USB cable or via a USB Bluetooth adapter, select different analysis periods (day, week, month) and automatically obtain perfectly prepared graphs of your values.

At the same time, the software helps you to correctly assess the readings and to compare the data from different devices. In just a few clicks all results can be printed out for the doctor or sent by e-mail.

The medi.connect smartphone app – for data management of the Veroval® activity tracker

The values of the Veroval® activity tracker can be easily managed via the medi.connect smartphone app (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

A variety of settings can be made for the activity tracker with the app. If desired, the vital data on the smartphone app can be synchronized with the web application and then accessed online.

There are two ways to start Veroval® medi.connect:

You can either download the software on to your computer.

Or you can register online and a web access to Veroval® medi.connect on any computer (via cloud).

When you choose to register via cloud device, then you can additionally use the Veroval® medi.connect app (from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store) on your mobile phone. Now, you can connect your Veroval® device and are ready to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the difference between the Veroval medi.connect software and the web-app?

The main difference between the pc-software and web app is, that the pc-software is installed on the local hard drive of a computer while the web-app is only accessible via a web-browser. The main feature of the web-app is, that it is accessible from every device with an internet-connection anywhere in the world. Also, for use of the web-app an online-registration is required while this is not mandatory with the pc-software.

Can I transfer data directly from my Veroval-device to the web-app?

No, this is not possible but you can easily have the data from your software or mobile app displayed in the web application by registering for one and synchronizing the data between software/app and the account via the web application.

What to do in case I do not receive a confirmation-email after registering in the Veroval web application?

In case you don´t find the confirmation-email in your email-inbox after registering on the Veroval web-application, it is recommended to check the spam folder. Depending on each email-provider it can happen, that the confirmation-email is automatically marked as spam and directly forwarded to the spam folder since it is an automatically generated message.