Your vital signs in one click

Veroval® medi.connect: a click away to being your own health manager.

The exact recording of vital values, e.g. blood pressure or weight, is very simple with the Veroval®
measuring devices. But how can these values be easily stored, analysed, compared, or shared with
the doctor?

Medi connect screen

The medi.connect web login – for data management anywhere and anytime

Parallel to the use of the software, you have the possibility of managing your vital data online as well.

To do this, select the medi.connect login on the web and register. Using the web login, you can either enter your values manually or synchronize them with the Veroval® software stored on your PC.

The advantage of the web login: with an internet-compatible device, you can access your vital data anywhere and any time.

The medi.connect smartphone app – for data management of the Veroval® activity tracker

The values of the Veroval® activity tracker can be easily managed via the medi.connect smartphone app (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

A variety of settings can be made for the activity tracker with the app. If desired, the vital data on the smartphone app can be synchronized with the web application and then accessed online.

There are two ways to start Veroval® medi.connect:

You can either download the software on to your computer.

Or you can register online and a web access to Veroval® medi.connect on any computer (via cloud).