Blood Pressure

Wrist blood pressure monitor

Quick and easy measurement

Wrist blood pressure monitor for quick and easy measurement

• Large display so that measured values can be read easily
• Detects and displays cardiac arrhythmias
• Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic-light system
• Visual position check to determine correct measuring position at heart level
• Memory function for 2 users with 100 measurements each
• Automatically caluclates average values for all, morning, and evening measurements
• USB cable included

High level of precision verified:

The Veroval® wrist blood pressure monitor has had its extraordinary measurement quality validated and been awarded the European Society of Hypertension quality seal of approval.

Integrated position check

For precise measurement values, it is important that the blood pressure monitor is positioned at the height of your heart. A position check is integrated into the monitor as an additional aid to indicate when the blood pressure monitor is in the correct position. If you see ‘OK’ on the display, you have found the correct position.