High cholesterol values have been proven to be a major risk factor in the development of atherosclerosis and related conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. Cholesterol is produced in the liver and plays an important role in a multitude of bodily functions, for example, for the production of cell membranes. The elevated blood lipid levels – as cholesterol values are also called – are often related to higher age, an unbalanced diet and lack of movement. Using the Veroval® self-test “Cholesterol” from HARTMANN, you can quickly and safely find out if your cholesterol values are within the acceptable range, or if you need to change your diet and lifestyle. All you need is a drop of blood from your fingertip and three minutes of your time.

Abstract of how the test works

You just need one drop of blood
Use the lancet included in the self-test
Drop the blood on the test disc
Do not touch the test device
You can read the result after 3 minutes
To get the result, compare the colours of the disc and the result field
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