Les 10 règles d'or pour mesurer la pression artérielle

Nous reprenons ci-après les dix règles d'or pour la mesure de la pression artérielle :

1. Prendre sa tension après 5 minutes de repos(1)

1. Rest for about 5 minutes before taking a measurement. Even desk work increases the blood pressure on average by about 6 mmHg systolic and 5 mmHg diastolic.

2. Ne pas fumer ou boire de café dans l’heure précédent la mesure(2)

2. Do not ingest any nicotine or coffee up to one hour before taking the measurement.

3. Ne pas prendre sa tension en ayant une forte envie d’uriner(2)

3. Do not measure your blood pressure if you urgently need to urinate. A full bladder can lead to an increase in the blood pressure of about 10 mmHg.

4. Effectuez la mesure sur le haut du bras nu et en étant assis bien droit.

4. Measure your blood pressure on a completely bare upper arm or wrist, and in a comfortable upright seated position. The blood circulation must not be constricted by a rolled-up sleeve, for example.

5. Tensiomètre poignet : Maintenir le bracelet à la hauteur du cœur pendant la mesure(3)

5. If a wrist monitor is used, hold the cuff at heart height during the measuring procedure. The cuff of an upper arm monitor is naturally positioned at the correct height.

6. Ne pas bouger et ne pas parler pendant la mesure(3).

6. Please do not talk or move during the measuring procedure. Talking increases values by about 6 – 7 mmHg.

7. Attendre au moins 1 minute entre deux mesures consécutives(2).

7. Wait at least one minute between two measurements, so that the vessels are relieved from pressure in preparation for a new measurement.

8. Inscrire les résultats dans un carnet de mesure(1).

8. Document all measurements with the date, time and medications taken, conveniently and simply with Veroval® medi.connect.

9. Prendre régulièrement sa tension(3).

9. Take measurements regularly. Even if your values have improved, you should continue to check them for monitoring purposes.

10. Prendre sa tension toujours à la même heure(1). Lire attentivement le mode d’emploi avant d’effectuer une mesure.

10. Always take measurements at the same time of day. Because a person has about 100,000 different blood pressure values over the course of a day, single measurements are not meaningful. Only regular measurements taken at the same time each day over a longer period of time give a meaningful assessment of blood pressure values.


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