duo control
Blood pressure

Upper arm blood pressure monitor

Measures correctly, even in the case of cardiac arrhythmias

Medically precise measurement thanks to the DUO SENSOR technology

• Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure and pulse measurement
• 2 measurement methods: Korotkoff microphone measurement and Oscillometric measurement
• Detects and displays cardiac arrhythmias
• Facilitates correct measurements thanks to the Secure fit patented cuff, control of correct cuff position and rest indicator
• Large illuminated display for easy reading of measured values
• Indicates too high or too low ambient temperature
• Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic-light system
• Easy data administration and storage with the Veroval® medi.connect software
• Data can be shared between all Veroval® devices such as the scale and activity armband
• USB cable and 4x 1,5 V AA batteries

DUO SENSOR technology

The innovative DUO SENSOR technology combines two professional measuring methods: the Oscillometric technology and the Korotkoff technology. Whereas the majority of automatic blood pressure monitors only function using the Oscillometric technology, which evaluates arterial pulse waves, the DUO SENSOR technology additionally measures using the very precise Korotkoff method, where a microphone is used to record heart sounds. Doctors also use the Korotkoff technology to measure blood pressure, since this is very reliable (gold standard) and also provides correct readings in patients with cardiac arrhythmias.

Comfort Air Technology

comfort air technology

The Veroval® Duo Control upper arm blood pressure monitor with Comfort Air Technology allows gentle measurement. Unlike many automatic blood pressure monitors with pre-programmed cuff inflation pressure, the Comfort Air Technology determines an approximate systolic blood pressure of the patient during each measurement and adds 30 mmHg for the measurement accuracy. This allows for more comfortable upper arm measurements.

Certified high precision:

European Society of Hypertension - validated ESH-IP2 2010

The proven high measurement quality of the Veroval® Duo Control upper arm blood pressure has been approved by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).

Quality seal of the German Hypertension League - Deutschen Hochdruckliga (DHL)

Veroval® Duo Control has met all specifications required for
the quality seal of the German Hypertension League.

Quality seal of the Britisch Hypertension Society (BHS)

Veroval® Duo Control is clinically validated by the British Hypertension Society

Veroval® medi.connect

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