A small organ with essential functions: your thyroid

It’s below the larynx, has the form of a butterfly and is responsible for the production of hormones which influence metabolism, circulation, growth and mental well-being: the thyroid. When production of the important hormones is disrupted – in the most cases due to an inflammation – it’s called hypothyroidism.

An underactive thyroid develops gradually and affects many bodily functions. In a way, the metabolism starts working in slow motion. The right medication helps the thyroid to get back on track and reach the necessary hormone levels. With this support, people affected can live a normal life without any restrictions.

These are symptoms which might indicate an underactive thyroid:
• Do you feel cold very often – although you are in a warm environment?
• Is your skin dry and scaly?
• Do you suffer from constipation?
• Did you gain weight, although you didn’t change your eating habits?
• Are you constantly tired, lethargic and you find it difficult to concentrate?

An easy way to find out for sure is a simple and quick self-test that measures the amount of the thyrotropin hormone (TSH) in your blood. The concentration of TSH increases when the thyroid is underactive. So the measured value gives helpful information about your thyroid and if further steps are necessary.

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